Adventures in Urnst

The Tower of Afton Borr

The adventurers first meet in the village of Kalifane, and discover that all share the goal of starting their path to riches and fame by resolving the region’s growing bandit problem.

After asking around the party determines that the Bandits are operating mostly to the Northwest, and that they have almost always limited their attacks to unoccupied farmhouses. Their refusal to hit the village itself has limited what the military can do, as the troops are only present overnight on the journey to the garrison at Griffon’s Nest. The party next decides to head out and visit some of the farms to gather more information, but quickly realize that they have little chance of intercepting a bandit attack.

Returning to Kalifane, they are informed that the rules have just changed – the bandits have hit a military supply wagon and killed both of the drivers – only the mounted guard managed to get away. Deciding to beat the military to the glory, the party heads off at full speed up the road to the scene of the ambush. There, Katherine is able to track the stolen wagon to an overgrown track that heads away from the main road.

Eventually, the party comes to a crumbling tower, some two hours from Kalifane. Located on a small hill, it is surrounded by very rocky land – completely unsuitable for crops. Here, they battle a group of bandits, and after defeating them decide to explore the old tower. The place is filled with broken furniture and refuse – only the entrance and main hall has been even partially cleared. After battling rats, spiders, and snakes, the entire site has been explored, and the party leaves with not very much treasure, other then a signet ring which local elders recognize as belonging to Afton Borr.

Afton was an adventurer who came to the area some two decades back and decided to build a small tower. Being uninterested in farming it was easy to come to an arrangement where he claimed a small plot of land holding no value for any of the locals. With his passing nearly a decade ago the tower has fallen into disrepair, as it still sits on land none of the locals care to try and farm.

While trying to salvage some moldy parchment found in a damaged chest, Lillith discovered a crude map, showing the main road from Kalifane leading South. Neither of the nearby garrisons was present, indicating that the map is at least a couple decades old. What it did contain, however, was a side trail leading West through the Abbor-Alz, to a place marked only as “Q”. The party took the opportunity to update the map with the newer locations, purchased a couple more animals, and set off to see what they could find at the end of the map.

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